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This Whole Life Is Just Overrated....

Overrated Graphics
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About this place.
Overrated is for me to post my graphics, So I can keep them all in one place and hopefully organize them. :) You don't have to join to see the graphics, but I'd be cool if you did, but only I ( [info]twisted_ink)can post.
1. Comments are love
2. Don't say you made something I made,
3. If you're taking something then comment and tell me.
4. Do not edit or customize anything I make.
5. Don't hotlink any images.
6. Credit is a must if you take and use something.
7. All graphics are for livejournal only unless I say otherwise, if you want to use them somewhere else please ask and I might say yes.
Other Stuff

Resources/ Credits here.
Userinfo graphic made by [info]twisted_ink

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Layout profile & Layout codes thanks to [info]reversescollide